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I am a practicing Pharmacist and have been so for over 35 years. I have been a promoter of preventive medicine and continue to practice "Complimentary and Alternative" Medicine for over 30 years. I have additional training in nutrition and herbal medicine.

I was excited over 30 years ago to find Shaklee, a company with scientific integrity and a conscience. My sister talked me into trying Shaklee vitamins even though I was receiving "free" vitamins from drug sales reps. She said I could receive my money back if I didn't notice a difference. I did feel a difference! The first thing I noticed was that I had the energy for at least one additional productive hour a day!

I researched the company and was blown away with the peer-reviewed research and publication on the products. The quality testing was another convincing proof. I have been using Shaklee since then.

Shaklee has been a vehicle that has allowed me to help create healthier lives, both personally and financially for many people.